Gino Peloso Memorial Fund

Ottawa (Jun.17. 2022)

St. Anthony Baseball Academy is pleased to announce the Gino Peloso Memorial bursary, generously provided by Joey Peloso and family in memory of their father who passed away in 2017.  Gino Peloso was a long-time contributor and pillar of the Italian community in Ottawa and a generous supporter of the mission of St. Anthony. 

The bursary will go to one or more new or existing member families in need of support to participate in the St. Anthony Academy’s programming.

“This is precisely the kind of support that we envisioned when the Academy was set up” said George  Rigakos.  “The bursary will help us extend our programming and increase our inclusivity.”

Joey Peloso says that he is “very pleased to help youth in need” and that “this is the kind of program my father would have been happy to support.  We want as many children as possible to benefit from baseball participation.”

The initial bursary donation covers the full cost of registration for a single player but that amount will be adjusted on a needs basis annually depending on demand.

“We are thrilled to have the support of the Peloso family and deepening our existing connection with the broader St. Anthony community” added President Chris Chapman.

More information and application instructions for the Gino Peloso Memorial Bursary can be accessed here.